Dromgoole and Sons - Storage Yard Expansion


This is the pre-application consultation (PAC) undertaken in support of a planning application for a new material storage area at Broughton Cottage Farm.

Dromgoole and Sons is a family run business who has operated from the Broughton Cottage Farm for over 50 years. The business takes construction, demolition and excavation waste and recycles it into new aggregate products, which are then reused in the construction industry. Dromgoole and Sons currently employ 19 full-time members of staff, with potential for expansion in the coming years.

The application that Dromgoole and Sons are planning to submit would be for additional storage areas on fields adjoining the site to the north, north-east and east. It is proposed that the fields would be used for the storage of materials ONLY, material recycling would continue to be undertaken in its current location. It is proposed that a one-way road would be constructed through the fields, which would allow vehicles to deposit and collect materials from the site. A landscaped bund would be constructed along the south-eastern boundary of the site, which would largely shield the site from the view of local residents and block much of the noise produced on the site.

Comment on this application

If you would like to leave a comment on the proposal, please complete the form by Monday 17 June 2024.