About us

Our story

Image of The team at Axis

We are problem solvers and solution seekers with the expertise to harness each project’s potential, add value at every level and help secure successful results.

Since 1999, our full service planning and environmental consultancy has served hundreds of local, national and international clients – including some of Europe’s biggest businesses.

Our skills in development planning, environmental impact assessment, transport planning and design have established us as industry leaders, committed to actively changing the lived environment for the better.

As our world changes, we support our clients in the transition to net zero carbon, which is increasingly shaping the broad variety of sectors across which we work.

Together, we’re creating a sustainable future where innovative, intelligent infrastructure improves lives.

Why Axis?

Proven expertise
A leading national consultancy with a proven track record over more than two decades.

Sector specific skills
Highly skilled professionals with expertise across a number of key sectors.

Complex case specialists
Specialists in securing consent for large scale, complex and challenging projects.

Our team
We’re an inclusive, progressive team of sector experts, passionate about achieving the best results for clients and communities.

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As an employee ownership trust, we invest in each other – and in Axis. We’re equally committed to and responsible for our success, which means we put in the extra time and effort our clients deserve.

Valuing everyone’s individual contribution and sharing in success is how we’ve developed to become a national player in the field of environmental planning. We’re a growing consultancy but we’re still just the right size to make sure everyone feels involved, challenged and a key part of the business.

Together, we’re bringing to life our vision for innovative, intelligent infrastructure that supports a sustainable future.

We work wherever you are

We serve clients nationwide in the core industries of energy, infrastructure, waste and minerals, commercial and industrial, residential, regeneration and placemaking. Our team works flexibly with private companies and public organisations to deliver sustainable development solutions across the whole of the UK.

Our zero carbon agenda

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do.

From the projects we work on to the steps we’re taking to reduce our own carbon footprint, our company culture is one of respect for people and for the planet.

We’re working towards a zero carbon agenda that minimises the impact of the infrastructure we all rely on, and we’re helping our clients do the same.

Leading Net Zero by example

Leading our industry with a track record of groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind sustainability projects including:
– The World’s first 100MW reactive power battery storage facility
– The UKs first industrial scale carbon capture and utilisation demonstration plant
– The UKs first short-term duration Compressed Air Energy Storage Project
– The UKs first sodium-bicarbonate production facility utilising CO2 harvested via CCU
– The UKs first dedicated Plastics Park for recycling and recovery of waste plastic

Looking at every project from a sustainability perspective and planning for results that improve lives and enhance environments.

Encouraging our employees to cut their own emissions by implementing measures like bike to work schemes.

Working in partnership with our clients, we have a unique opportunity to positively influence the built environment and create a sustainable future for generations to come.