How we use and produce energy is changing.

Axis in the Energy Sector

The global environmental crisis is a daily reminder that we need to build a more sustainable future – a future powered by clean energy.

We are helping our clients to maintain security of supply for the UK in a changing world by helping them to deliver sustainable, industrial scale energy generation and storage schemes, and by enabling emerging technologies such as Carbon Capture and Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of this shift. Our experience in the fields of renewable and low carbon energy means we know how to navigate challenging regulatory and environmental frameworks to secure timely consents for our clients and positive outcomes for our communities.

Powering up your plans

Image of battery storage facility

Whether it’s expert advice or full project management, the team at Axis can help at each and every stage of your energy project, from planning and design to overseeing delivery.

Our energy services include securing planning permission for:

  • Large scale renewables (Wind farms, Solar farms)
  • Waste to Energy (Energy from Waste, Plastics to Hydrogen)
  • Energy Storage (Battery storage, Gas Storage, Compressed Air Storage)
  • Carbon Capture, Storage and Use projects
  • Nuclear Installations
  • Biomass power stations
  • Landfill Gas projects
  • Anaerobic Digestion facilities
  • Transmission projects including C02 pipelines

We also offer strategic planning advice including: 

  • Renewable energy studies 
  • Renewables capacity studies
  • Areas of strategic search 
  • Energy legislation and policy advice