Whether it’s where we live or work, how we travel or how we manage our resources, we’re reconfiguring the world around us today for a better built environment tomorrow.

At Axis, we’re experts at overcoming challenges in the key areas of planning, environment, design, and transport planning to deliver innovative solutions for our clients and communities.

We’re a trusted partner for private companies and public organisations, offering a full-service consultancy with a proven track record in delivering sustainable results that improve and enhance the lived environment.


We provide a full range of town planning services, primarily focussed on major development projects including devising planning strategies, shaping development plans, securing planning permissions and advising on policy and legislation.


A detailed understanding of environmental legislation puts us in prime position to develop and expedite sustainable commercial solutions that work with the environment, not against it.


Our holistic approach to designing the external environment for sustainability, purpose and conservation maximises every project’s value and potential for success.

Transport Planning

We provide focused advice and support on all aspects of transportation planning, from appraisals and assessments to travel plans and project management.